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3.4 pounds gained since the beginning of my pregnancy.

250 dollars spent putting her on daycare waiting lists.

7 outfits owned.

9 pillows required for a comfortable night’s sleep.

20 trips to the restroom per day (on average).

2 excited beyond belief parents.

100 days until she arrives.


“Please don’t let it be that guy at the bar.” That was the first thing I thought as I walked into Etrusco at 7:59 pm on Friday, February 11, 2005 to meet “Superbowl Boy”.

“Please don’t let it be that guy at the bar. That canNOT be Superbowl Boy!”

His moniker stuck when he asked¬† me out three weeks in advance of our first date because he had to travel to the Superbowl for work. I later found out I was “5-10 girl,” so named for my height. But back to the guy at the bar — mid-40s, greasy, alone. I was sure he was my date given my recent streak of bad luck.

Imagining the awkward dinner I was about to have, I was interrupted by the host: “Do you have a reservation?”

“Uum, yes. Well, no. I mean I’m meeting someone who made a reservation.”

“Last name?”

“Uum, I have no idea.” …queue the crickets…

Who was I? Meeting someone for dinner in a restaurant that I’d never been to and I didn’t even know his last name?

Axe-murdering, order of one, coming right up.

“Okay, *whomever* you’re meeting isn’t here yet. Would you like to sit at the bar?”¬† Huge sigh of relief no one with a reservation was waiting to meet me.

Awkward pause as I figured out how to hang out at the tiny four-stooled bar without talking to Greasy McGreaser-pants. …hmmm…

Just then the door opened. My heart and stomach were in my throat, one big ball of nerves.

I knew it was him. Tall, dark, handsome, friendly.

“Meredith?” he asked.

“Yes, hi, nice to meet you,” I said with my hand extended.

He went in for the hug……perfection.