So many thoughts and questions, so few coherent words to put to the emotions and expectations of my new every day life.  My thoughts constantly occupied with ‘What the heck will she be like?’ and ‘How are our lives going to change?’ I am reminded of those silly memes with the question ‘What person do you wish you could meet, dead or alive?’  There is no person anywhere that I want to meet more than I want to meet her.

And her father. Please do not get me started on his excitement and dedication to her entire existence. I have seen a whole new side of him that just wasn’t there before he knew she was coming along.  I am happier with the two of us than I’ve ever been, despite the pressures and stresses of impending change and responsibilities inherent with starting a family.

Forty days, ish? Give or take a few depending on whether she gets procrastination traits from her father or OCD on-time tendencies from me. Either way, it will be perfection. She is perfection.