In the act of merging both of our worldly possessions, furnishing two apartments together with very different layouts, expanding to a single family home, getting married (and thus getting way too many gifts), and starting a number of renovations on said home, our stuff has exploded.  It is not contained in closets or overpriced plastic bins from The Container Store.  It spills out onto the kitchen table, the living room floor, the office desks, everywhere.  Visual clutter and mess stress me out to the point that I just want to throw everything away.  Slowly but surely, I’m weeding through the clutter.  Selling books, donating clothes, throwing away unidentifiable screws, hooks, and latches that belonged to a piece of furniture or electronic gadget we used at one point that surely no longer functions without these pieces.

Amongst the clutter are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of printed pictures.  Someday we’ll digitize our photo collection, old and new, but until then they get piled up and neatly stored in Rubbermaid.  There are college pictures, high school pictures, study abroad pictures, pictures from last Christmas, pictures from when we started dating; all mixed in together.  Behind a picture of me with an ex-boyfriend is a picture of Kevin with an ex-girlfriend.  Pieces of our lives that at one point were integral to everyday activity, like the gadget screws, that have now become distant memories, not required for any sort of function other than ‘remember when’ memories.

I look around and wonder what items I’ll be cleaning out of storage closets in ten years.  Looking back to these days and laughing at my outfit or haircut in a photo. What memories will we carry close to the vest from these first days of our marriage?  What will we forget about until we unearth it in the future?