<9:45 pm on a Wednesday, husband returns home from long day at work>

him: hi honey! how was your day?

me: <exceptionally proud of myself for starting bathroom demo ahead of schedule> great! i got you a present!

him: really? what?

me: it’s a shirt, it’s on top of the washing machine. go get it!

<4 minutes pass. i anxiously wait for him to go to the laundry room, walk to the washing machine, and notice the DEMOLISHED BATHROOM WALL 1.5 feet from destination>

him: <returning from laundry room> there’s nothing in the washing machine. are you sure that’s where you put it?

me:  i didn’t get you a shirt, i demolished the wall right next to the washing machine! didn’t you see it?

<him, thinking>

him: really? let me go look!

me: sigh.