When I hear from guests who attended our wedding I don’t hear about how pretty the flowers were or how fun the dancing was.  I don’t hear about the readings our sisters did during the ceremony, nor do I hear about the setting or the weather.  I hear about how great our friends are.  About how lovely and friendly and outgoing our friends are.  About how they’re all accomplished, intelligent, witty people.

The best part of our wedding was our friends.  Family has to show up, let’s be honest.  There’s no excuse for missing your sister’s wedding or your son’s wedding.  While we love our family, they are always there and we would expect no less.  But our friends.  Well, our friends are all that.

Four high school friends of mine came.  One from Texas, one from Massachusetts, two from New York state.  Six of my college friends.  California.  New York.  Indiana.  Virginia.  A dozen co-workers and graduate students turned close friends.  Texas.  Maryland.  DC.

There is nothing like walking into a room full of people that you’ve known at various stages of your life, various crushes, hobbies, moods, weights, hair colors, taste in music, clothes, makeup.  In that moment they are all there to support you and your new partner.  It is overwhelmingly cool.