As if we didn’t get enough in the past 10 days. This gray snowy weather is the precisely the reason I left Vermont for good.  Kevin and I don’t do well cooped up in the house. We run out of PB & J faster than I ever predict when stocking up at Safeway.  We also have entirely different work habits. He listens to the same Journey song 100 times in a row while working. I like peace and quiet.  He has a lot of conference calls and I only talk to myself when I’m writing queries.  Despite the differences, it was really nice to see so much of each other. With our jobs in different states and grad school taking up so much of my time, we rarely see each other during the week, never mind eat dinner together. We recently had the equivalent of 6 days straight of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and recess together.

During Snowmaggedon 2010, our five year dating anniversary came and went.  This is also known as our last dating anniversary.  I like that we’ve been together 5 years before getting married because it’s quite a substantial amount of time. To celebrate, we ate at Sheetz on our way to meet our parents for a weekend of skiing.  I think we spent all of $11 on the meal.  A fancy meal out would be nice, but it’s not what made our anniversary special.  Valentine’s day also came and went this weekend. We typically don’t celebrate and we didn’t this year, unless you count ordering new Domino’s pizza with our single best man as celebrating Valentine’s day.  In four months we’ll be in Bermuda celebrating like we’ve never celebrated before. But right now, it’s snowing again and we need more PB & J.