I confess. My wedding dress fears were all for nothing.  I found the perfect dress.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was wrong. First time that’s happened.

My mom, sister and I arrived at Meredith’s Bridal Boutique on a rainy Saturday morning in May (yes, the shop was named Meredith, clearly awesome was going to be found here).  I was nervous.  But within an hour, Meredith herself had helped me “into” 15 dresses.

When you’re 5’10.5″ and *NOT* Gisele Bundchen, trying on wedding dress samples in a boutique is a challenge.  The dresses are all a bridal size 10, which means they are a street size 6ish. (Separate topic entirely: why are bridal sizes so much larger than street sizes? Of all days to feel like you’re wearing a small size!?!) Anyway, for me, this “trying on” nonsense meant putting the dress on and holding it closed in the back to get an accurate idea of what the dress actually looked like.  Meredith graciously hid behind me holding the dress up and closed while my sister took pictures of each one.

Meredith helping Meredith into a dress

Meredith helping Meredith into a dress

I tried on *THE* dress three times.  I can’t show it here because I’m not showing Kevin the dress until our big day, but trust me when I say it is awesome and it is me.  It’s lovely white silk shantung with fabulous beaded detail.  I have absolutely no idea what I will do about a veil, shoes, or jewelry but the dress, oh, the dress.  I adore it.

Now to find Kevin an outfit!