Kevin and I are vegetarians.  Well,  I am a vegaquarian which means I am a vegetarian but I can’t part with lobster and shrimp.

We get a lot of questions about our veggie style.  We’re pretty laid back about people questioning us, we’re confident in our choices.  But sometimes the hub-bub surrounding what we are or aren’t eating is comical.  We get more questions about our vegetarianism than we do about our religious beliefs, relationship future, decisions on family planning, or our long term career goals. Really? You care that much about our breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Ok, well then.

The most frequently asked . . .

Q: Are you offended if I eat meat in front of you?

A: Absolutely not.  Eat whatever you want and we’ll eat whatever we want. What is offensive is pointing, scrunching your face and saying “Eeew! Gross. I hate (insert veggie product name)!”  Really, are you 5?  We’re not eating chocolate covered grasshoppers, folks.  In fact, you’re the one eating the cooked flesh.

Q: Can you eat this? It has eggs in it.

A: Kevin and I both eat eggs and (lots of) cheese.  Thank you for checking.  Someday if we make the switch to vegan, we will let you know.

Q: Why are you vegetarians?

A: Pretty much all of the reasons you can think of: we feel better eating a vegetarian diet; we think breeding animals for food is cruel and unhealthy (for the animal, the humans consuming meat, and the environment); we don’t like the taste of meat or the hassle of cooking it; and just curious — why do you eat meat? Does it taste good? So does the stuff we eat.

Q: Do you think you’ll “go back”?

A: To what, eating meat? Are you going to go back to being a vegetarian?  Humans are not born with the  ability to process animal proteins. Small children have to be slowly introduced to cow’s milk and meat so their bodies can develop the enzymes required to process them.  If we’re going anywhere, it’s towards fewer dairy products and a more vegan lifestyle.

Q: Can you pick the meat out of this dish?

A: No. We also can’t eat chicken or beef stock. After you’ve not eaten meat for awhile, you get very sick eating it all of a sudden. And it tastes gross (yes, we have each had a few accidental encounters with meat in our veggie lives).

Q: What’s your favorite veggie burger?

A: Morningstar Farms Griller’s Prime.

and my personal favorite FAQ —

Q:  Do you eat animal crackers?

A: Wow.