I have a large amount of anxiety about finding an appropriate wedding dress.  I know, I know, I will find a *perfect* dress that will be beautiful. Right, that’s what they all say.

But I have unique requirements. First, I am super super picky. I have been known to discard perfectly acceptable clothes because I just stopped liking it right after I bought it.  I take my time shopping to make sure that I really like what I’m getting, but sometimes it just doesn’t look right anymore when I go to wear it the first time. I can’t explain it, but it is defeating. This obviously cannot happen with the purchase of a wedding dress.

I am also all leg. As in, my legs start at my ribs.  It is a challenge to find clothes that distinguish my chest, my waist, my hips, and my legs. Usually, there is chest and there is leg. And not much in between.  I am nervous that the popular “poof factor” (technical term) of many wedding dresses will not help make the chest-waist-hip-leg distinction.

poof factor

I also (yes, there is more) don’t like tight clothes. I distinguish between fitted and tight.  I want my clothes to outline my body but there needs to be room for dessert movement.  Many dress bodices are tight. So tight in fact, that there is a whole industry dedicated to the undergarments that make this tight fit possible.  I should be comfortable on my wedding day. Of all days to be comfortable and feel beautiful, it should be this day.  I’m not sure I’ll feel right walking around in a girdle and denying myself cake because that shit will bust at the seams.

Next weekend I am traveling to Boston to spend a long weekend with my mom and sister who is my Matron of Honor. We are going to a bridal boutique for my first foray into wedding dress shopping. I’m cautiously optimistic that all of my fears are for nothing and I’ll fall in love with every dress in the shop.  But just in case I never find the right dress, I have a backup plan:  if I just make my bridesmaids wear ugly dresses, I will look good in comparison.