Wow, May 1st. This year is flying by.  Before I know it, it will be New Year’s again and I will write the same list of resolutions that I wrote this year.  Or I could actually achieve some. Let’s see here …

1. Lose 35 lbs. (12 pounds down. That is pretty good, right?!? Say yes.)

2. Keep 35 lbs. off for entire year. (Not there yet.)

3. Clean the house more often. (Actually doing a very good job at this.)

4. Go on two vacations – one ski, one warm. (Two ski vacations, no warm vacations yet.)

5. Save money for a down payment on a house. (Working on it. Still poor though.)

6. Refurbish my bike. (I got nothing here.)

7. Use refurbished bike. (Sad face.)

8. Pack my lunch for work everyday. (How about 4 out of 5 days? Speaking of which, I’m hungry. Sheesh! See #1)

9. Grow my hair long (Um, completely forgot this one and recently cut my hair. Will remember this now. Maybe.)

10. Volunteer at the animal shelter that brought us Chloe (Signed up to volunteer. Then Chloe died and un-volunteered for awhile. Will do this eventually.)

Wow, really sad way to end the resolution list. Let’s watch Rap Chop: