Ten things we have learned living with Lucy:

1. She finds it supremely entertaining to bite your feet all night long. No she doesn’t mind if you were just sleeping.

2. If you dare to shower without leaving the door open for her, prepare to experience her wrath when you get out (see #1).

3. She will help herself to your food/water/trash.

4. She enjoys the “punishment” of being sprayed with water.

5. She will play in the litter box. But only when you are cleaning it.

always puts on a cute face

always puts on a cute face

6.  Everything must be pounced on. Most importantly, your feet.

7.  The water in your glass tastes better than the water in her bowl.

8.  She doesn’t mind hanging out in the fridge, cabinet, or dryer — for a little while anyway.

9. She will always be on her best behavior for guests.

10. Walls are for cats with boundaries.